Sheet Music for "O Take Those Lips Away"

Music Set to Shakespeare's Text

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Sheet Music for the song "O Take Those Lips Away"

Words by Shakespeare, music by Donna Stearns, sung by Ray Allen Fritz and Clara Barton Green
This sample page shows vocal ranges of the song, just like it's recorded. For the female part, both the highest and lowest notes are marked on this page: the range is a minor 3rd below Middle C to an octave above Middle C. For the male part, the highest note appears on this page: the E above Middle C. The male’s lowest note doesn’t appear on this page, but it’s a B (a 9th below Middle C). The song is in the key of C major. But if you'd like the sheet music in a different key, email me at and request the key you'd like when you complete your purchase. I can transpose the sheet music based on a key request or by giving me the desired top note of either the male or female part. Looking forward to sending you music!
For the $5 purchase price, you’ll also receive an mp3 of this recording as well as the sheet music that’s arranged for piano and voice.

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