Music Set to Shakespeare's Text

Now Available for Licensing.

Sheet Music for the "Arise"

Words by Shakespeare, music by Donna Stearns, sung by Ray Allen Fritz

This sample page displays the lowest note – the pitch D (circled), written a whole step above Middle C on the Tenor Clef (but is really sung down an octave). The highest note is a 9th above (the high Eb) but it appears on the 2nd page of the sheet music. The song is recorded in Bb but if you prefer a different key, please email to make a key request. The sheet music can be transposed based on a key request or by emailing Donna the top note of your vocal range. Once payment is received, you’ll receive a Vocal-Piano arrangement PDF to your email address as well as an mp3. The music is written out but also has chords above the staves. (Please note that the mp3 is only available in the recorded key of Bb even though the sheet music can be transposed to any key.)

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