Shakespeare Saturdays Salutes:
The Oral History Project

Coordinated by Donna Kendall Stearns

December 19, 2015, 3:00 PM

Inwood Public Library

With special music composed by Donna Kendall Stearns

The NYPL's Community Oral History Project made it possible for communities to learn more about the origins of their neighborhoods from past and present neighbors who shared their own personal stories. These documented stories will always be available for future generations to review.

In the spirit of sharing stories, Shakespeare Saturdays would like to salute The Oral History Project and invite Shakespeare lovers to share a story about their favorite Shakespeare experience. For example, a parent might have a story about seeing their son or daughter play their first Shakespeare role. An actor might share the experience of auditioning for a respected Shakespeare Director. A teacher might share how a class responded to a Sonnet Slam. What's your story? Please come join us for an afternoon of sharing Shakespeare.

Presented by Productions' Jason Kendall and Donna Kendall Stearns. Kick off song composed by Donna Kendall Stearns.

Donna Stearns Josh Conway
Donna Kendall Stearns, Composer and Executive Producer
Josh Conway, Singer

MoonBeam.Net productions, in conjunction with the New York Public Library presents Shakespeare Saturdays, A Free Reading Series Celebrating the Diversity of Upper Manhattan.

Executive Producer and Resident Composer: Donna Kendall Stearns

Artistic Director: Jason Kendall

Made possible by the generous support of
The New York Public Library

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