Taming of the Shrew

Directed by Donna Kendall Stearns

April 25, 2015

Inma Heredia Michael Hagins Vincent Saia Hooker Campbell Carl Fortunato Alec Barniskis Elizabeth Peterson-Vita Bryan L. Cohen John Montague Lizzy Ana Lincoln Liane Pippin Olev Aleksander Tony Apolinario Dan Moreno Donna Stearns

Inma Heredia as Kate
Michael Hagins as Petruchio
Vincent Saia as Tranio
Hooker Campbell as Lucentio
Carl Fortunato as Gremio
Alec Barniskis as Curtis, Lord
Elizabeth Peterson-Vita as Widow and Tailor
Bryan L. Cohen as Hortensio
John Montague as Baptista
Lizzy Ana Lincoln as Bianca
Liane Pippin as Grumio
Olev Aleksander as Biondello
Tony Apolinario as Vincentio
Dan Moreno as Pedant
Donna Kendall Stearns, Director

with Dan Moreno, Stage Manager and Jason Kendall, House Manager.

MoonBeam.Net productions, in conjunction with the New York Public Library presents Shakespeare Saturdays, A Free Reading Series Celebrating the Diversity of Upper Manhattan.

Executive Producer and Resident Composer: Donna Kendall Stearns

Artistic Director: Jason Kendall

Made possible by the generous support of
The New York Public Library

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