Timon of Athens

Directed by Carrie Edel Isaacman

October 23, 2010 at 1:00 PM

Carrie Edel Isaacman Donna Stearns Lela Frechette Victor Arnez Susan Conceicao Ashton Crosby Hugh Davies Eleanor Forman Carl Fortunato Carlos Gomez-Marquez Diana Johannesson Katie Labahn Trino Maldonado Jerry Marco Crystal Shipp Nikole Williams

Carrie Edel Isaacman Director
Donna Stearns Composer and Executive Producer
Lela Frechette Special Musical Guest
Victor Arnez as Lucius, Old Athenian Man, Lord #1, Page, Titus, Bandit #1
Susan Conceicao as Lady #2, Messenger, Caphis, Stranger #2, Lucius' servant, Timandra
Ashton Crosby as Timon of Athens
Hugh Davies as Alcibiades
Eleanor Forman as Sempronius, Lord #2, Varro's servant, Bandit #2
Carl Fortunato as Apemantus and Philotus
Carlos Gomez-Marquez as Lucilius, Cupid, Servant to Lucullus, a Senator, Servant #3
Diana Johannesson as Flaminius, Merchant, Servant #1, a Senator
Katie Labahn as Servilius, Jeweler, Servant #2, Soldier
Trino Maldonado as Ventidius, Poet, Isidore's servant, Lord #4
Jerry Marco as Lucullus, Painter, Lord #3, Fool, 1st Varro's servant, Bandit #3
Crystal Shipp as Flavius
Nikole Williams as Lady #1, Senators, Stranger #1, Hortensius, 2nd Varro's servant, Phrynia

What Is Friendship?

Notes by Carrie Edel Isaacman

This play, Timon of Athens, is known to be a precursor to Lear, and Timon is an early version of Lear himself. The unraveling of his character is apparent in his language of nature. Is Timon crazy or is he a bad judge of character or na´ve? This obscure play was a vessel in which all 13 cast members journeyed; reading and thinking about many questions. How do the characters change their minds about Timon? Do we see their true colors in the beginning? What are the ulterior motives? Do people need each other? My opinion is that true colors are not really true colors. Timon and the others change according to the circumstances they face. We watch the ways in which the greediness of those around Timon becomes apparent. Timon of Athens is in some ways similar to Lord of the Flies, where we judge what some would look at as human nature and ask: "Is it cruel or is it just human nature?"

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Executive Producer and Resident Composer: Donna Kendall Stearns

Artistic Director: Jason Kendall

Made possible by the generous support of
The New York Public Library

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