Antony and Cleopatra

Directed by Clara Barton Green

Music Composed by Donna Stearns

September 26, 2009 at 1:00 PM

Breakdown for 16 actors by Lela Frechette. (Used for this performance.)

Clara Barton Green: Director

Donna Stearns: Composer

Michael Clay as Philo, Maecenas, Ceasar Army-Soldier, Soldier 1

Thomas Donnarumma as Lepidus, Caesar Army-soldier, Scarus, Thidius, Servant, Diomedes, Clown

Sarah Doudna as Alexas, Captain, Taurus Army-Soldier, Guard 3, Antony Guard, Proculius

Matt Gordon as Octavius Caesar

Jonathan Harris as Antony Messenger - 1st to enter, Menas, Messenger, 2nd Messenger, Taurus, Soldier 4, Sentry, Antony Army-soldier, An Egyptian, Gallus

Ross Hewitt as Enobarbus, Antony Army-Soldier, Maecenas Council, Guardsman

Mimi Jefferson as Messenger, Messenger 1, Member Caesar's 'Train', Menecrates, Agrippa, Guard, Antony Guard

Michelle Kafel as Iras, Servant

Andy Kirtland as Antony

Toshi Nakayama as Messenger 2, Member Caesar's 'Train', Ventidius, Messenger, 1st Messenger, Taurus Army-Soldier, Ambassador from Antony, Soldier, Messenger, Watch 1, Antony Army-soldier, Antony Guard, Guard 2

Jodie Pfau as Demetrius, Varius, Soldier, Dead Body of Pacorus, Eros, Taurus Army-Soldier, Servant, Antony Army-soldier, Antony Guard, Maecenas Council, Guardsman

Alexander Richard as Messenger 3, Pompeius, Soldier, Lieutenant of Caesar, Servant, Captain, Watch 2, Antony Army-soldier, Dercetas, Seculius

Elizabeth Ruelas as Cleopatra

Molly Beth Seremet as Lamprius (the Soothsayer)-Mardian (the Eunuch) combined, A Captain, Silius, Canidius, Soldier 2, Caesar Army-Soldier

Jennifer Banner Sobers as Charmian, Servant

Kelly L. Zekas as Rannius-Lucilius combined, Octavia, Caesar Army-Soldier, Dolabella, Soldier 3, Guard 2

MoonBeam.Net productions, in conjunction with the New York Public Library presents Shakespeare Saturdays, A Free Reading Series Celebrating the Diversity of Upper Manhattan.

Executive Producer and Resident Composer: Donna Kendall Stearns

Artistic Director: Jason Kendall

Made possible by the generous support of
The New York Public Library

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