King Henry the Sixth, Part Three

Directed by Jerry Marco

April 19, 2008 at 1:00 PM

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend Character Breakdown by Scene and Line Load.

Ali Baynes as King Lewis XI; Sir John Mortimer; Mayor of York; Father (who has killed his son); Lieutenant of the Tower; Watchman; Gamekeeper
Megan Cooper as Queen Elizabeth; Sir John Montgomery; Tutor; Huntsman; Messenger; Watchman
Samantha Cooper as Earl of Warwick
Candice Fortin as King Edward IV
Joseph Hamel as Richard, Duke of York; Duke of Somerset
Dawn Jones as King Henry VI
Kubbi as Queen Margaret
Katie Murphy as Prince Edward; Edmund, Earl of Rutland
Kwasi Osei as George, Duke of Clarence; Earl of Westmorland
Julio C. Peña as Richard, Duke of Gloucester
Frances Rivera as Lord Hastings; Duke of Norfolk; Somerville
Anny Rosario as Earl of Northumberland; Son (who has killed his father); Nobleman; Post; Gamekeeper; Messenger; Watchman
Stasi Schaeffer as Lady Bona; Duke of Exeter; Lord Rivers
Donna Stearns as Montague
Kevin C. Woods as Lord Clifford; Earl of Oxford; Sir William Stanley
Jerry Marco Director

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Executive Producer and Resident Composer: Donna Kendall Stearns

Artistic Director: Jason Kendall

Made possible by the generous support of
The New York Public Library

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