King Henry the Sixth, Part One

Directed by Jerry Marco

March 10, 2007 at 1:00 PM

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

Valerie Best
as Burgundy.
Also Woodville, Glasdale, Third Messenger (1.1), Jail Keeper (2.5), First Servingman (3.1), French General (4.2)
Amber Bogdewiecz
as Joan la Pucelle
Megan Cooper
as King Henry VI.
Also Countess, Gunner's Son and Assistant Fight Captain
Lisa Fernandez
as Somerset.
Also Margaret, Second Warder (1.3), Talbot's Messenger (1.5), English Captain (2.2), Papal Legate (5.1)
Carlos Gomez-Marquez
as Suffolk.
Also Talbot's Son, Second Messenger (1.1), Gloucester's Third Servingman (1.3)
Sarah Imes
as Gloucester.
Also English Soldier (2.1), York's Messenger (4.3)
Jason Kendall
as Bedford.
Also Mortimer, Lucy, Shepherd (5.5)
Jerry Marco
as Richard Plantagenet.
Also Salisbury, First Messenger (1.1) and Fight Captain
Sarah Paulding
as Alencon.
Also Vernon, Gloucester's Second Servingman (1.3), Third Servingman (3.1)
Amy Lee Pearsall
as Regnier.
Also Lord Mayor of London, Sir John Fastolf
Julio C. Peña
as Charles, Dauphin of France.
Also Gloucester's First Servingman (1.3), Lawyer (2.4), Second Servingman (3.1)
Enrique Redondo
as Exeter.
Also Master Gunner of Orleans, Countess's Messenger, French Soldier ( 3.2), Talbot's servant (4.7)
Brendan Rothman-Hicks
as Cardinal Winchester.
Also French Sergeant (2.1), Countess's Porter (2.3)
Tim Sheehan
as the Bastard of Orleans.
Also Basset, Lord Mayor's Officer (1.3)
Nikole Williams
as Warwick.
Also Gargrave, First Warder (1.3), Talbot's Captain (3.2, 4.3)
Kevin C. Woods
as Talbot.
Also French Scout (5.2)

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Artistic Director: Jason Kendall

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